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Olivolio Mastic Oil Beauty Soap 100 gr

  • Olivolio Mastic Oil Beauty Soap 100 gr1

Olivolio Mastic Oil Beauty Soap 100 gr

4.00 €
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Extra Moisturising Mastic oil Soap

  • Natural Products
  • Zero Alcohol

  • Description

    Mastic is a natural, aromatic, rare resin in teardrop shape produced from the mastic tree. Scientific research has shown that this resin has anti-oxidant,a nti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Cosmetics which are enriched with Chios Mastiha Oil ensure in depth skin care and offer anti-ageing protection. Frequent use helps soften lines and wrinkles and ensures great elasticity. Other Natural Active Ingredients,Olive Oil .

  • How to use

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